About Bacik


Bacik is the trusted source for the finest and freshest Polish products available on the market today.
Bacik has been providing the best quality products since 1991, giving us over 30 years of experience and expertise in the wholesale business.

It is no surprise that hundreds of restaurants, stores and specialty retail markets rely on BACIK each day - to inspire their culinary imagination and tempt the taste buds of their customers.

Our products - smoked and cooked in the traditional Polish way - recreate the delicate taste and perfect tenderness of the best meats from all over the world.

The Bacik brand has grown every year, starting off in the heart of the Polish community in New York - Greenpoint Brooklyn and now operating in a larger warehouse in Newark, NJ. We give back to our community at every chance we get, supplying pilgrimage groups as well as church parishes with our products. We have donated to local organizations and schools to help the community grow.

If you haven't yet tried our products we welcome you to enjoy our traditional recipes with your family during special occasions and the holidays. We guarantee satisfaction and are proud to have been providing our products and services since 1991.

Naturally smoked, Naturally better

Our smoked meats are cooked slowly and naturally over smoke from selected hardwoods the traditional way. Unlike some other meat processors, we use no artificial smoke flavoring or artificial additives. In addition, our new health conscious line that contains no preservatives. Chemical free and all natural…Bacik gives you delicious foods that are also good for you.
You can taste the difference!